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Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb
Good Morning ladies and gentle men. Alhamdulillah praise to Allah SWT on that still gives grace and guidance so until now I can stand here in front of you all and we can meet here in this happy day.

Then the prayers along with the greeting we had given to the king of the Prophet Muhammad.
I respect Mother tutor ysitu mother Herliana.

I respect Mr / Mrs audience blessed by Allah SWT

Well without wasting much time, I will enter the title of my speech is Importance of Protecting the Environment.

The word may have been very familiar Globalization our ears. Globalization can accelerate economic development anywhere in the world. Technology developed into a tool that can make people work more easily. In fact, to support the many new technologies are born like computers, mobile phones, and so on. Unfortunately, the speed of technological improvements are not currently followed by the awareness to protect the surrounding environment.

Plants, animals, humans and the environment are interdependent. Plants need a good environment to grow, animals need plants to eat, and everything humans need to survive. Everything is as usual to destroy humans. There is no one living creature on earth can destroy it except humans. For example, man-made oil drilling massive human-caused vehicle requiring increased along with the increase in human population from year to year. As a result, the waste produced from vehicles, becoming one of the factors causing contamination of the air around us. It also causes a lot of damage that we often hear, such as global warming, acid rain, etc.

Global warming caused by excessive greenhouse effect, such as CO2 and CFCs make the earth into heat. It also led mencairya iceberg in the North Pole and South Pole. In addition, it has the potential to create extreme weather we do not expect that we hear or see in the news, such as heavy snowfall, blizzards, intense heat, storms, etc. other environmental damage. we need to prevent is acid rain. Although, it can prevent global warming indirectly, but acid rain is more harmful to the environment than the short-term global warming.

ladies and gentle men
Humans are the main cause of all the problems mentioned above! so, we as human beings need to feel sorry for it. We’re supposed to be the successor of the earth instead of the destructor. Therefore, from now on, we need to save our environment.

Therefore, from now on let’s keep our environment for the next generation. We can start with small things, such as reducing fuel use everyday, reusing paper, or waste recycling. The point is, no matter how small the job we do, it will be felt by our children and our grandchildren one day later. Should we let our children and our children suffer because of extreme weather or severe disasters in the future? For me it is not an option
Before I end this speech, I hope that this speech will give the best for you, and for me, and all mankind.
I think that’s it from me. I apologize for any errors and defects. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.