Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Globalisasi

Baiklah semuanya, saat ini banyak orang yang salah kaprah mengartikan apa itu globalisai. Oleh karena dalam kesempatan ini saya akan berikan dan sampaikan mengenai uraiannya dalam bentuk teks pidato bahasa inggris, agar anda sekalian dapat dengan mudah dalam memahaminya, dan ini pun bisa di jadikan sebagai contoh yang baik untuk pidato bahasa inggris Anda nantinya.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Globalisasi

Good Morning
Peace be upon u, Anda Allah SWT mercy and Blessings
I respect Junior high scholl principal to Dharma
Honourable Vice principal of Senior High School to Dharma
I respect teachers Senior High School to Dharma
And all junior pupils to Dharma Happy all.

Thank God, Praise and Gratitude, I thank Allah who has given his blessings, so that we can get together on the show this morning.

Maybe the audience has a lot to understand about the meaning of globalization, or maybe even still no understand? .. This time I stand here want a little invited the audience to recall some lifestyle causes of globalization. What is the effect on us and how we deal with the impact.

Globalization derived from global word that has meaning thorough. Globalization means the spread of new elements relating to global information via print or electronic media. Globalization has the effect that virtually covers all aspects of life. For example, in the field of transport. There are so many vehicles that can be encountered creeping on the highway every day. This transport makes it easier to travel. This is certainly different inverse antiquity to wherever, one must be willing to take it on foot.

In addition to transportation, telecommunication system also appears to have global impact in aspects of life. An example is mobile (HP). Advanced era like today, HP seems to have been inseparable with human life. The Internet is another example of the influence of globalization. Young and old all vying to be able to use it. Even some young people are able to find the latest discovery is only through Internet.

Impact of globalization also comes from the culinary world. Gradually food from around the world began to speread all of the archipelago. Not a few people that trade with foreign food brands. For example, KFC, PIZZA, Ramen and others.

The next aspect is the fashion. It was clear once the various types of clothing are booming abroad soon followed our society. Another area that is no less excited is a sport. Many games are broadcast live. Not a few people made a fever it.

So many aspects of globalization are capable affected. This clearly proves that every person is able to feel the effects. some aspects of which have been described above, prove that globalization affects almost all aspects of life. Everyone must have felt the effects caused by globalization. Surely as a society we should be able to sort this globalization by simply taking the positive value only and ignore the negative value so that the western cultures that will go to indonesia can be filtered properly. When this is done all the people then characterizes our culture would be maintained properly.

Hopefully I say it can provide benefits to us all. My expectations, the impact of globalization will not damage the integrity of the nation.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.

Untuk itulah sekian mengenai penjelasan tentang teks pidato yang sangat berharga di atas semoga bisa di jadikan sebagai salah satu contoh pidato bahasa inggris yang baik, dan juga dapat memberikan banyak lagi inforomasi baru untuk anda sekalian yang ada di rumah. Terima kasih banyak telah membaca.