Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming | Global Warming atau biasa disebut pemanasan global merupakan suatu dampak yang diakibatkan oleh ulah tangan manusia. Untuk itu marilah kita saling mengingatkan satu sama lain, diantaranya dengan melalui sebuah pidato bahasa inggris. Karena pemanasan global ini merupakan permasalahn internasional, maka disini saya akan memberikan sebuah Contoh Pidato bahasa inggris tentang Global Warming.

Assalamualaikum, wr. wb.

I want to thank God and the audience that has given me the opportunity to stand on this stage in a few minutes. My goal here is to convey important messages related to environmental sustainability.
We all know that Indonesia is a country that has a large forest. World rely on Indonesia in terms of protecting the sustainability of our beloved earth. Indonesia is the world’s lungs that will prevent the effects of global warming. Therefore, we as citizens of Indonesia must protect our natural as possible.

Basically, what the effects of global warming for us all? Global warming causes the melting snow on mountain tops so that sea level rise. Storms keep coming. Flooding and landslides occurred in many places. disease, drought, and warming oceans will be more damaging to the earth and its inhabitants.

Until now, the threat of global warming will continue to increase and now is time to repair the damage that occurs in this system. This collaboration is absolutely necessary for both developed and developing countries to prevent global warming. We have to do all this collectively so that the earth can be a comfortable place to stay and not give concern for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Explaining environmental problems like this are very important in the effort to block the effects of global warming. We need pioneering carbon emission reductions and the resulting gases greenhouse effect, providing education to the community about the issue of climate change as well as a practical way what can be done to resolve it immediately.

Supposedly, every state charted how much carbon dioxide (CO2) and greenhouse effects they cause and they have spread into the atmosphere. In the same way, they have to determine how much they need to greening the environment through reforestation of deforested, rural and hinterland areas. This can be done planting trees, stopping deforestation and illegal logging. This is done in order to neutralize the spread of harmful gases into the air. After the gas is in the atmosphere, it will remain there in a very long time so it will withstand the heat of the atmosphere and emit lower back to earth, so that the earth has a temperature hotter.

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere such as a large number will result in rise in temperature of the earth’s surface, which causes drought, climate change, melting glaciers in the Arctic, melting glaciers on the mountain top, rising sea levels, floods, storms, and it is not would only disrupt the natural balance in the Earth’s climate, but also the ecological balance of the environment, causing landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ocean temperatures to rise, which in turn will reduce the population of animals, plants, and so on, even some of them will become extinct.

To start an action, we can do it through ourselves and start from now. We can reduce the use of air conditioning, and then planting trees in our home garden. If we do it consistently, I believe we can restore the earth a place to stay cool and comfortable. We not only provide a beautiful and peaceful place to live ourselves, but we are also able to provide a valuable legacy for our children and grandchildren.

so that I can say Wassalamu’alaikum